What’s In My Bag: Travel Edition

what's in my bag travel edition

Wanna take a sneak peek in my travel bag? The Hubs and I will be heading overseas shortly to attend his friends wedding in Taiwan. So what better time to show you what’s in my bag travel edition! With travelling, it is important to bring along all the essential things, especially if you can’t speak the language there! Here’s a quick look into the items I’ve taken along with me!

what's in my bag travel edition

In no particular order:

  • Ipad: I’m bringing along my Ipad mainly for researching asian makeup and products so I know what I’ll be getting instead of looking puzzled in store.
  • Tissues: Gotta carry a bunch of tissues around. You never know when you are going to need it.
  • Lip balm: A must for me. As you know, I have fairly dry lips no matter how much lip balm I use.
  • Water: When travelling, I always make sure I carry a bottle of water with me. Of course not on the plane but once I land, I usually stop buy a convenience store and stock up on water for the hotel room.
  • Hand sanitiser: Always good to have. Sometimes you might not have access to the ladies room to wash your hands so using a hand sanitiser at least you are semi clean to eat haha
  • Hand cream: For those dry hands of mine.
  • Lipstick: I’m not the type of gal to be carrying a bunch of lippies with me while travelling. I just take a favourite of mine and use it for the entire trip..no ones going to notice anyway.
  • Phone: Bringing my phone along so that I can call my mum and let her know I’ve arrived safely.
  • Pen: This comes in handy when you have to fill in those custom declaration forms at the airport and taking notes during the trip.
  • Passport: Leaving the country so have to bring it along with me.
  • Purse: To carry my money and cards in.
  • Mirror: I like to always have a mirror in my bag to check if I have food stuck on my face or hair. Believe it or not, it happens quite often.
  • Pink pouch: To keep my passport, pen and tissues in. It’s good to have a larger pouch to keep the smaller items in there so it’s easier to find stuff.

what's in my bag travel edition

what's in my bag travel edition

I was super lucky and was sent the Hedgren Diamond Touch PAT backpack to use on my holiday. I was so excited when it was delivered, I was carrying it around the house (the hubs thought I was nuts).

Two things I love about Hedgren bags is how light and durable it is. Their bags have so many compartments, it’s awesome. This lovely backpack looks small but can fit quite a lot in there. The zip for the main compartment is located at the back of the bag. It’s a really smart and safe idea because I’m always paranoid that people could easily take things out of my bag without me noticing. By having the zip at the back, there is no way anyone will be able to unzip without me feeling it. One of the main reasons why I wanted to carry a backpack while travelling is because my shoulder can’t handle heavy bags. Carrying a backpack means I also have my arms free to take photos and eat lots of yummy good. I’m looking forward to taking it with me on my South American trip at the end of this year as well.

I hope you enjoyed What’s In My Bag: Travel Edition and let me know what do you carry with you while travelling?

The lovely people from Hedgren has gifted me the backpack for my overseas travel. This has not influenced my opinion because their stuff is awesome!!

Jane Iredale Country Weekend Collection

jane iredale Country Weekend collection

Take a deep breath and lets admire how beautiful the Jane Iredale Country Weekend Collection is. Ry.com.au was kind enough to send me the collection for review. How could anyone resist such a gorgeous collection? The Country Weekend Collection includes their limited edition Getaway Eye Shadow palette which comes in 5 shades, Just Kissed Lip & Cheek stain in Forever Peach and Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in Expresso. This collection is one of the easiest to wear, the colours are great for work or weekends.

jane iredale Country Weekend collection jane iredale Country Weekend collection

jane iredale Country Weekend collection_swatches

The limited edition Getaway Eye Shadow Kit offers five PurePressed Eye Shadow shades. The palette was inspired by country landscapes. The five shades included are:

  • Fresh Air: a shimmery pearl
  • Silence: a shimmery golden peach
  • Footprints: a matte green grey
  • Tea on the Porch: a shimmery copper gold
  • Starry Night: a shimmery black

The eye shadows are housed in an elegant rose gold compact with a dual-ended applicator. The eyeshadows are perfectly sized along with a very generous base shade. All 5 eye shadows are super smooth and very easy to blend. Using an eyeshadow primer, it can pretty much last the entire day on me. Starry Night is unbelievably pigmented. My first time using the palette, I used wayy too much Starry Night and looked like I had a black eye.

jane iredale Country Weekend collection

jane iredale Country Weekend collection_swatches

The Just Kissed Lip & Cheek stain in Forever Peach is a multi purpose stain made out of natural ingredients. When I first received this, I couldn’t understand how this could be a stain? So I started trialing at home and soon realised the product actually changes colour when it touches the lips. If you were wondering how long the stain lasts, on me it’s about 2-3hrs. I’ve been using this every morning for work, it’s moisturing and natural looking. This product is great for people who don’t like using lipstick but want a little colour. I’ve taken a photo below with the Lip & Cheek stain on. By the way I’m wearing my PJs in the photo so I decided to wear my flower crown to fancy it up a bit.

The newest shade of Jelly Jar eyeliner is Expresso. It is a slightly shimmery brownish grey shade and is relatively easy to apply. These eyeliners are made without chemicals so they will not irritate sensitive eyes. I was actually quite surprised at how nicely the eyeliner glides across the eyelids. It’s a very smooth texture so makes it quite easy for you to line the eyes precisely.

jane iredale Country Weekend collection_swatches

Here’s a photo of me using the eye shadow palette and the lip stain. I completely forgot about the eyeliner..oops! Unfortunately, because I have hooded eyelids, you cannot see how the eye shadows look on me. Kind of good in a way because it hides my terrible blending skills haha

So if you’re interested in buying any of these products from the Jane Iredale Country Weekend Collection, check out Ry.com.au.

  • Getaway Eye Shadow Kit – Here
  • Just Kissed Lip Tint in Forever Peach – Here
  • Espresso Jelly Jar – Here

Have you tried any Jane Iredale products?

Products were provided for consideration. This has not influence my opinion in anyway.

Urban Decay is here!

Urban Decay is here in Australia! Every makeup lovers dream have finally come true with the launch of Urban Decay in Mecca Maxima yesterday! Since I had to work all day, I dropped by Melbourne Central Mecca in the evening. By then, it was pretty quiet and I just grabbed what I wanted and left. The Urban Decay displays were still incredibly neat and well stocked even after such a busy day. I saw some photos from the morning and the crowds were insane. The lines were out the door, I’m not sure if I have the patience to wait outside.

urban decay is here naked 1 naked 2 naked 3

Image Credit: Mecca Maxima Facebook page


urban decay is here naked 1 naked 2 naked 3

A week ago, BeautyHeaven posted a price comparison between Australia and the US. The Naked palettes are $78 in Australia and after conversation/taxes in the US are $76.30. The minimal price difference is because our exchange rate has been so crummy lately. Buying from brick and mortar is probably better these days since you save on shipping costs. If you want to read more price comparisons, head over to BeautyHeaven.

urban decay is here naked 3

I ended up purchasing the Naked 3 palette, it’s been on my wishlist for over a year. Now, my Naked palette collection is complete! I’ve been looking at everyone’s Urban Decay hauls on instagram…so jealous!! There are so many other products I want from Urban Decay like the Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush and makeup setting sprays. So many wants and not enough $$$.

urban decay is here naked 1 naked 2 naked 3

To finish off my post, here’s a photo of my sexy naked palette collection haha Out of the 3 packaging, I like Naked 2 the most – simple and clean.

Did you head to the Urban Decay launch day? Did you buy any goodies? 

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