Top 5 Daiso products

top 5 daiso products

Hi everyone!! I just came home from Daiso and I thought I’ll write a post about my top 5 Daiso products. The husband hates going into Daiso, I could literally spend an hour in there walking up and down aisles. Everything at Daiso is $2.80 so you don’t need to worry about how much each item is. It’s also very dangerous because everything is so cheap and you end up buying things you don’t need.

So here’s my Top 5 Daiso Products:

Pocket Tissues

This is a must for me. I’ve repurchased this 3 or 4 times already. They are beautifully packaged and great to carry around in the handbag without taking up too much space. Each one comes with 16 packs of tissues, that’s $0.18 per packet. Now don’t go expecting these tissues to be super soft but they are decent enough to use. If you’re a tissue snob then I wouldn’t recommend these to you.

Brush Cleaner

If you haven’t already tried the Daiso brush cleaner then you are missing out big time. Most bloggers who live near a Daiso can tell you how amazing this little bottle is. A bottle will generally lasts me from 6 months to a year because when it comes to washing my brushes, I’m really lazy.

Storage Containers

Daiso containers are great for storing medicine and other random bits & bobs. I’ve been a bit obsessed with organising everything in my house. I have containers for everything, including my beauty products.

Kitchen Mitts

I’ve been looking for cheap quality kitchen mitts the last few weeks. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on just a pair of oven gloves so when I spotted this today, I was pretty impressed. It’s well made and the fabric is quite thick. I’m not expecting this glove to lasts years and years but long enough for me to get my moneys worth.

Dried Mangos

A favourite of mine. You can buy these 7D Dried Mangoes from Asian grocers but they are slightly more expensive so I always buy mine from Daiso. I don’t know if dried mangoes have any nutritional values but it tastes too good for me to care. They are not big packets, I can usually finish in one serving. I guess they are slightly more “healthier” than chips.

Do you like shopping at Daiso as much as I do? What are your top Daiso products?


Everything purchased with my own money.

Non-Beauty Stuff I’ve Been Loving

Non-beauty Stuff I've Been Loving

Happy Sunday my dear readers! I’m guessing most people in Australia would be quite bummed out tonight since tomorrow is the first day back at work! Despite everyone being on leave, I’ve actually been working through and didn’t take any leave. I wanted to save my annual leave for my exams and trip to Taiwan. A couple of weeks ago, Cathay Pacific had a sale to Asia so we booked ourselves a short trip to Taiwan in April.

Today I wanted to share with you some non-beauty stuff I’ve been loving to add a bit of variety to the blog. To be honest, I was getting tired writing reviews after reviews so that’s why there has been large gaps between each blog posts. It was a struggle to get myself to sit in front of my laptop and put words into my posts. I’ll still be posting reviews but not as frequently as before, hope that is A-Ok with you guys!

Jimmy Grants

Ever since Jimmy Grants opened at the Emporium, I’ve been going there at least once every fortnight to get one of their delicious Souvas. My favourite has been the bonegilla. It has the perfect combination of lamb, chicken and chips. Totally obsessed with it, I’m salivating now just thinking about it. The chips with feta is also a must. I don’t normally eat cheese but I’m happy to make an exception for this. I’m so glad their new store is only a short drive away from my house.

Korean Drama

I’m soo into Korean drama right now. We’ve recently finished Misaeng and Emergency Couple. There’s something about Korean dramas that get you hooked and you just want to finish the entire series within a few nights even if it means sleeping at 1am and have work the next day.

MisaengEmergency couple








 Credit: Asianwiki


The last 3 or 4 weeks, I’ve been eagerly learning how to bake. I bought this Joseph Joseph food prep set from Catch of the Day for a bargain price compared to the retail price. I can honestly say it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while, it’s perfect for baking. I have my large mixing bowl, sifter and measuring cups. So far I’ve made cookies, cupcakes, gingerbread and carrot cake. The husband told me to slow down because I was making so much stuff and he didn’t want to gain weight.

non-beauty stuff I've been loving

Going to the park

Ever since Luffy got his final vaccination, we have been going to the park a few times a week. While he’s busy socialising with other dogs, I’m also getting my daily exercise. He’s quite a playful puppy, always running up and down the park chasing other dogs or bugs.Luffy Japanese Spitz

What are some non-beauty stuff you like doing?

Round up of 2014


Happy New Year everyone! May you succeed in 2015 and achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. 2014 has been a great year for me, I don’t have any regrets or things I could have done better. Initially this post was going to be a round up of 2014 with my highlights but then I realised I have already done a similar post here. So instead this post will just be some of my favourite photos on Instagram and blog moments. 2015 is going to be another awesome year!

Instagram favourites!

Favorite photos from 2014!

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My 5 favourite posts of the year!

I’ve had some amazing opportunities to work with different brands and PRs this year. A highlight for me was being able to go backstage at the VAMFF fashion show. For 2015, I’m going to blog more especially hair tutorials. The second half of 2014, I was so busy with life admin. It left me with no time to concentrate on my blog. 2015 I’m going to make it a priority!

Top 5 commenters on the blog!

A super big thanks to my top 5 most active blog commenters in 2014! You ladies are the best! Sending e-hugs your way.
active comments

That’s my round up of 2014. Thank you all for the support this year and let me know in the comment section what you would like to see more on Beauty & Things.

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