What’s In My Bag: 2016 Edition

what's in my bag

Gosh I haven’t done a What’s In My Bag post in a longggg time! The last one I did was on my travel bag so that doesn’t really count as you tend to carry different things whilst on holidays.  Anyway, how have you all been? I’m currently suffering from a cold so I took the day off work, didn’t want spread it around the office unlike last year where I pretty much gave it to everyone (*evil smile*).

what's in my bag

The OCD in me like to carry small pouches in my bag to keep the small loose items together so it’s more organised. I’m always rushing around for work and if I didn’t have the small pouches, things would be falling out left, right and centre.

*Drum roll* The moment you’ve all been waiting for – all the goodies in my bag haha Hope you all got excited for nothing!!

what's in my bag

Here are the things I carry around:

  • Phone – Right now I’m using the trusty Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Oroton Purse
  • YSL Lipstick
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream
  • Carmex Lipbalm
  • Target Tissues
  • Beats Earphones – Earphones are a must if you ride the train to work/school everyday. It’s great for entertainment and blocking out annoying noisy people.
  • Keys
  • Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser
  • Myki train ticket
  • Hello Kitty pouch containing mirror, pads and some panadol

If it’s a work day, I carry an additional tote bag around with my umbrella, water bottle, lunch and some snacks. These items are generally heavier so it’s better for my handbag and shoulders if I carry them separately.

There you have it my 2016 What’s In My Bag post, I would love to hear what your necessities are? 

Everything has been purchased by me with my own $$.


5 Night Time Routines

5 night time routine

My 5 Night Time Routines

I was pretty bored Saturday night sitting in front of my laptop, trying to think of a blog topic to write about. And yes, I don’t go out Saturday nights. I enjoy being at home with my dog haha I often wonder how people my age (people in their 30’s) party it up every weekend. If you are one of those people, tell me how you do it?? Anyway, I was thinking about a topic I could discuss and trying to avoid another product review today so I realised that I’ve never talked about my night time routine before.

This is pretty much what I do every night without a doubt:

Cleanse face & brush my teeth

Before going to bed, a must for me is facial cleansing and teeth brushing. For face cleansing, I first start off with an oil cleanser and then a foam cleanser just to make sure all my makeup is removed throughly. Right now I’m using Dermalogica Precleanse then followed by La-Roche Posay Sensi White Foam Cleanser. I dunno if it’s because I’m a bit OCD but brushing is super important to me as well. I feel like if I don’t brush, my mouth will be filled with disgusting bacteria when I wake up the following morning.

Wear my mouth splint/mouth guard

Not sure if you guys know this about me but for the last 5 to 6 years, I permanently wear a mouth splint to sleep. If you don’t know what a mouth splint is, it’s to prevent teeth grinding. I’m like the biggest teeth grinder on the face of the planet.

Use eye drops

The reason why I can’t wear contact lenses very often is because my eyes are naturally really dry. I’ve only recently started using eye drops before bed and I find that if I put some drops in before bed, my eyes feel more refreshed the following morning. My mum has been telling me to consider lasik eye surgery but the thought of my eyeball being sliced open scares the sh*t out of me.

A few sips of water before I sleep

I know some people avoid water before bed because it causes puffiness in the face but I need my liquids. The mouth splint that I wear really dries my mouth so I must have some water just before bed.

Moisturise my hands

I have a tube of hand cream on my bed side table and just before bed I like to moisturise my hands. It’s actually the best time to moisturise hands as you won’t wash it off for 7hrs+. Right now I’m using Aveeno Intense Relief hand cream, it does a pretty good job at keeping my hands nice and moisturised. This one is almost done but will definitely buy another tube.

What’s your bed time routine?


All products were purchased by me.


Happy 2016 and round up of 2015

Happy 2016

Happy 2016 and round-up of 2015!

Well well well… another year has come and gone. Here’s to 2016 being fabulous and awesome. I thought I’ll keep up the tradition of recapping highlights from 2015. Although my blog was a bit quiet majority of the year, I did have a couple personal accomplishments this year that I wanted to share.

Top 9 most liked photos on instagram

It’s very interesting because I’ve noticed I get wayy more likes posting photos of makeup than food or selfies. In fact with selfies, I get half the amount of likes.. it’s pretty sad really haha

Top instagram photos

Top 5 commenters on the blog

Special thanks to Doanerfide, Laura, Rachel, Norlin & Curious Charlie for being the 5 most active commenters on my blog this year… means a lot to me and words cannot express how I feel.

Traveled to Taiwan, Brazil and USA

We did some traveling this year and it’s really nice to be able to experience different cultures that each country has to offer. I haven’t written about my Brazil trip yet but you can read about Taiwan here. As always every time I head to LA, I visit my most favourite place in the world and that’s Disneyland!


Finally finished my CPA

No more studying.. I’m officially a qualified accountant!! This is probably the biggest highlight for me this year being able to finish the CPA program. I found it quite difficult to study whilst most of my friends and colleagues have finished it a few years ago. Now that it’s over and I have plenty of spare time, I’ll be working on improving my blog and provide better content.

That’s my 2015.

Thank you all for the support this year and let me know in the comment section what are your biggest achievements in 2015 and if you have any goals for 2016?

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