What To Do With Expired Beauty Products

what to do with expired beauty products

Happy New Year to all my readers! At the beginning of each year, I like to do a massive clean out of food and products. I was going through my beauty room on the weekend, sorting through all my expired beauty products. I really hate wasting so a lot of the times I don’t throw out expired products and try to find another use for it. Of course if the product smells, texture changed or has started separating, in the bin it goes.

What To Do With Expired Beauty Products

  • Facial Cleansers – There are many uses for old cleansing products. I’ve cleansed my makeup brushes with facial cleansers and also as a shaving cream on my legs. If you’re a beauty blogger, save the cleansers to remove swatches on the arm or hand.
  • Face Moisturisers – Moisuriser can be used on other areas not as sensitive as the face. I use it on my arms, legs and feet.
  • Shampoos – If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with old shampoo, I use mine to wash clip-on hair extensions or wigs.
  • Conditioners – A few months ago, we washed our dog who was going through his annual molt. It ended up matting his fur, so we used conditioner as a detangler to remove the knots.
  • Lip balms– Lip balms can be use on cuticles to help soften and reduce any dryness. I’ve read lip balms can also be used to minimise foot blisters by applying a layer of lip balm to reduce the friction caused by new shoes.
  • Foundations – Foundations can be used to cover any uneven skin on arms and legs such as bruises or mosquito bites.
  • Facial oils – I keep my old Rosehip oil and use it on the heels of my foot and put on a pair of socks so I don’t get my carpet oily.
  • Eye Shadows – Old eye shadows can be used for art and crafty projects. Katie from Running With A Glue Gun shows how to re-purpose eye shadows and create a beautiful painting.
  • Mascaras –  You can convert the mascara brush into a brow brush, just make sure you wash off the mascara first.
  • Lip sticks – Lipsticks can also be re-purposed for arts and craft. I scribbled with an old lipstick to create the photo above.
  • Body Mist/Perfumes – Perfumes can be sprayed on bed sheets, curtains or bathroom and pretty much anywhere. It’s even possible to create a DIY Home Diffuser with old perfume.

Do you re-purpose expired beauty products?


Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review

Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review

Well guysss! This review is well overdue, I purchased the Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact blush a year and a half ago! I bought it during my trip to Taiwan and I took these photos as soon as I got home. It’s just been conveniently sitting in my drafts.

When I was walking around at a major department store in Taiwan, the Jill Stuart makeup counter lured me in with all their pretties. This is my first ever purchase from Jill Stuart and I’ve always admired how beautifully package their products are… so elegant and shiny!!

A design evoking the concept of the compact being created from a single large emerald. An octagonal cut has been pressed into the surface of the blush, and the brush has a Swarovski rhinestone attached.

Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review

The blush comes with a retractable brush and can be also detached from the blush. It literally took me 6 months to use this because I didn’t want to ruin such a pretty little thing. The bristles on the brush is soft yet still applies on nicely. I think this compact is great for traveling although I haven’t personally taken it with me. I’m worried it’ll get scratched in my makeup bag.

Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review
Jill Stuart Layer Blush Compact Review

In the photo above, I’ve individually swatched each colour and also a combination of the four. This blush is slightly on the sheer side and I personally think it’s more suitable for people with fair skin. It looks natural on and gives off a subtle glow. It’s a good quality blush, blends amazingly and last all day. A bit on the pricey side but it’s nice to have in my makeup collection.

Have you tried any Jill Stuart makeup?

Purchased by me.


Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review

Well hello there! What’s been happening peeps? We came back holidays last month so we’ve been trying to catch up with a few life admins and working on the backyard to make it more “presentable” and hopefully be able to plant some pretty flowers.

Today I’m going to talk about some new goodies that joined the Real Techniques range – Ultimate Base Set, Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge and the Miracle Sculpting Sponge.

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review

The Expert Face Brush has taken the beauty community by storm. There are over 1800+ reviews on a leading online store, how impressive is that? First impression of this brush is that it’s similar to the Buffing Brush. After testing this baby out, the expert face brush is more dense and has shorter bristles. Because of the shorter bristles, it’s better at buffing in liquid foundation. I’ve tried this brush with NARS Sheer Glow and Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Aqua Foundation. Both products applied smoothly without any yuckky streaking. The brush does soak up foundation and I would recommend to wash often.

This Deluxe Concealer Brush is perfect for around the eye area to help blend concealers. I use this with cream concealer and then a bit of powder to help set the concealer. The brush is dense with rounded bristles making application so easy.

The great thing about using makeup sponges is you can either use it damp or dry. I personally prefer to use mine damp because it creates a nice dewy coverage. The Miracle Complexion Sponge has rounded edges for large areas around the face and a flat surface for the hard to reach places like eyes and nose. When using this sponge with liquid foundations it creates a smooth flawless surface.

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review

The Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges were created to help with erasing any mistakes and with buffing/blending. I love using mine to correct my eyeliner when I’m too heavy-handed on my wing and also to help blend in my concealer. Depending on the eyeshadow, I found that it can smear eyeshadow fallout.

The Miracle Sculpting Sponge is by far my favourite sponge of all. This sponge has a total of 6 surfaces and I reckon if you’re new to the makeup sponge craze, this is definitely the one to start off with. I really love this oddly shaped sponge. I use the larger side on majority of my face and the small end under the eyes and nose. Again you can use this damp for a dewy glow or dry for full coverage. I’ve only used this sponge with liquids and powder but you can definitely use with cream products too. When damp the sponge expands to about 1.5 in size and feels really nice on the face.

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set & Miracle Sponge Review

Not only are Real Techniques great quality, their products also are very Instagram worthy. Anyway I hope you enjoy this post, please leave a comment below if you also love Real Techniques as much as I do!

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