My week in photos – Feat. Voices of 2015 and random stuff

The last episode of my week in photos was sometime last year right before I moved houses. I woke up yesterday feeling mega inspired to write about my weekend, maybe because I attended the Voices of 2015 Masterclass on Saturday and it motivated me to start blogging consistently again? Who knows…

my week in photos voices of 2015 melbourne

I was dam nervous Friday night because I didn’t think I would know anyone at the event and in large social events it can be quite daunting for introverts like myself. The day started off with a welcoming breakfast by Garnier. I met some lovely food and personal bloggers, everyone was insanely friendly. The breakfast was awesome possum, we had all of the yummies in the photo above and then they also served us a hot breakfast.

I was scanning the room looking for any familiar faces and then I saw Ling from The Best Beauty Blog and Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous sitting across the other side of the room. Next thing you know I got a text from Norlin (Baubles, Bubbles & Bags) and she was sitting two tables away from me. I haven’t seen these ladies in the longest time and it was so good catching up.

During the Masterclass event, we had guest speakers talking about SEO, influencing, building a community and Soapbox. I’m not a very techy person and the way the guest speakers spoke made it very easy to understand and didn’t confuse me much. It was an awesome event and I took away a few to-do items that I will be implementing on the blog.

my week in photos voices of 2015 melbourne

my week in photos

Lately I’ve been obsessing over stationery and I saw this cute notepad from Typo on sale, it was too good to miss.

My best friend just came back from Hawaii a couple of weeks ago so we caught up on Monday. She’s like one of the most generous people I know, she bought me two Nature Republic nail polishes and the Clarins Makeup Compact Palette.

I’ve curled my hair 2-3 times this week right after I wash and dry my hair using the MUK Curls Stick. This came with my BeautyHeaven prize ages ago but I didn’t start using it until this week. I find that using this curl stick help keep the curls in my hair for longer.

my week in photos

Would you like a mathematical equation to the best Sunday afternoon? Well here it is!

Best Sunday afternoon = Beautiful scented candle + T2 Tea + Magazine

Yesterday I was reading Vogue Living that came in the Masterclass goodie bag. I am so in love with the Circa Home Pear & Lime Soy Candle, it’s not even funny! This is my second Pear & Lime scented candle and it’s the bomb. I was sent this one for consideration but hey if it’s good, it’s good. There’s no denying it!! To top it off, I had a few glasses of T2 Ruby Red Rosehip tea. Felt like a million bucks yesterday afternoon and I didn’t even need to go to a spa for it.

my week in photos japanese spitz

I haven’t posted about Luffy in a while so here he is! He’s grown so much in the last couple of months. His fur is filling out and I have fur all over my charcoal carpet. I was taking some blog photos Sunday morning and he was running around my room sniffing all my makeup and skin care stuff.

sensory couple kdrama


We just finished another Korean Drama this week, called Sensory Couple. I won’t talk about it much but if you’re into K-drama, you should check this one out. The main actress and actor are adorable and loved the characters that they portrayed.

How was your week and what did you get up to?

10 comments on My week in photos – Feat. Voices of 2015 and random stuff

    • ker ker
      June 15, 2015 at 9:16 pm (2 years ago)

      There were lots of bloggers at this event! So glad I went, had a lot of fun.

      haha thanks DF! love your blog too!!

  1. Sarah
    June 15, 2015 at 9:56 pm (2 years ago)

    Haha sorry its been a while since I came across your blog hun but it sounds like you had such an amazing and relaxing weekend and I love the fact that your dog’s name is Luffy! Absolutely adorable!!
    I’ve been on a hiatus from Kdramas but I do like the actors in Sensory Couple so I may give it a go in the near future! Haha hope you’ve been well!!
    Sarah recently posted…REVIEW: HairburstMy Profile

  2. Norlin
    June 15, 2015 at 11:49 pm (2 years ago)

    So nice to see you again after so long Kerri! Had a lovely time with you, Tine and Ling on Saturday. I’m not very good with mingling either, so was glad to see a few familiar faces.
    Norlin recently posted…Monday Eats: The Grand Trailer Park TavernaMy Profile

  3. Moa
    June 16, 2015 at 7:28 am (2 years ago)

    That dog is just to cute!!! 🙂

    • ker ker
      June 16, 2015 at 7:15 pm (2 years ago)

      Thanks Moa


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